Project Description

DON’T YOU DARE tell me what to believe!!
Jesus For President… I mentioned earlier I have been struggling with how I see the news and the mindset it puts me in. I hate how I let the negativity impact my thoughts, my projects, and my relationships. It’s absolutely draining and none of it is making my life any better.
I’ve gone as far as to think “What is the point?” and the world is a lost cause. There is too much hostility and lack of understanding to ever get back to “normal”.
Last week, Derek showed me a script and I could just feel his passion for a subject that was currently weighing on my heart. I knew we had to get this message out there because there is no way we are the only ones having these types of frustrations.
It’s not you vs me… it’s US… People Matter. 

Project Details

  • Client

    Derek Laliberte

  • Skills

    • Spoken Word
    • Color
    • Cine-Cam