Project Description

I’ll create your social presence

I’ll guide you on how to use social media effectively

I’ll teach you how to create content

I’ll work with your marketing team to get you involved in the overall message

I’ll take headshots and photos of you and the team

I’ll write your LinkedIn page

I’ll teach your team how to prospect for new customers authentically

I’ll train your team on how to engage with prospective customers

I’ll train your team on how to sell to clients in a post-covid (if that’s a thing) culture

I’ll help you readjust your entire sales structure

I’ll guide you on how to create a sales process

I’ll work with your team to write your value proposition

I’ll write your team’s video content and organize and direct a professional video shoot

I’ll walk you through the entire process through my online course, Training Camp, or School of Personal Branding

I’ll meet with your team overseas in the middle of the night

I’ll fly across the country to meet with you

I’ll send you some (pretty sweet) swag

I’ll invite you to the gym to work out at 5 am

I’ll invite you to become a Disruptur Affiliate if you want

I’ll refer business to you as much as I can

I’ll ask you about your life and will respect your time

I’ll pray for you

And I’ll do all this without missing one of my kid’s games or a date with my wife Why? Because I care. Because this is who I am and who I’m striving to be. This is what I mean when I say #beadisruptur And I’m betting it all Interested in becoming a client? Shot on location with @TopSphereMedia

Project Details

  • Client

    Derek Laliberte

  • Skills

    • Motivation
    • Spoken Word
    • Cine Cam