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October is going to be a huge month for me. I love social media, and as much as it can sometimes be a distraction, it can also be an amazing way to network. I have been blessed with connecting with Top Prospect, a Michigan MC and videographer who has connected me with Shady Record artist Swifty McVay of D12 and Crooked I of Slaughterhouse. This Friday, October 14th I will

  July is going to be hectic. But by August I can take on more projects. First two accepted pitched ideas will get $100 off starting rate. Starting rate depend on size of project, but most start at $550 so $450. -Zach  

  So, I’ve been real busy with work and personal life lately. Which has caused me to take a bit of a break away from working on TopSphere Media. So, I wanted to take this time let people know I am working behind the scenes on whats next for my freelance work. Just as a update, I’ve done two projects recently. One was Rosco NoE’s “My Outlandish Story” short music video film. Also,

It’s about that time where I start compiling a years worth of music videos, highlights, and who knows what else and put together a demo reel. It’s always fun to revisit all the old footage, see how bad most of it is, but hopefully seeing strong growth and improvement. I have come a long way trying to make the most professional demo I can with available resources and knowledge. I no

Finally, with much delay here is my 2015 Lolla highlight video shot in Chicago. This is one of my favorite times of the summer. This year marks the 5th year in a row where I was able to attend the festival. I was able to see some amazing performances from artist like The Weeknd, Paul McCartney, Logic, Twenty One Pilots, Tyler, The Creator, Tove Lo, and so many more. What I

  So, I got pretty bored one afternoon, and stuck in a Selena Gomez kick. So I grabbed my camera, whipped out my tripod and shot this nonsense. This video was just something I did for fun because well I was feeling goofy and had some energy.. idk. What I really want to do with a concept like this is take a song that either has no music video, or maybe