So, I’ve been real busy with work and personal life lately. Which has caused me to take a bit of a break away from working on TopSphere Media. So, I wanted to take this time let people know I am working behind the scenes on whats next for my freelance work.

Just as a update, I’ve done two projects recently. One was Rosco NoE’s “My Outlandish Story” short music video film. Also, a my sister and I did a project for fun for National Siblings Day with a fun take on G-Eazy’s song “Me Myself & I.” Both can be seen on my homepage under featured work 🙂

But, since it’s been a while I just wanted to share some goals with those who are interested and use it as a good way of holding my self accountable.

Anyway here is a short list of some goals and general thoughts on directions I hope to work towards.

Shoot More Music Videos – Whether it is for clients, fun personal projects, or this new story driven idea I have; I just want to work on music videos. It’s honestly the style of video I am the most passionate about, and need to keep it up.

Shoot Local – I’ve been back home in good old Fort Wayne, IN for over a year now, so I want to use my passion to give back to the area. Not sure what that means yet, but researching and looking for opportunities to highlight Fort Wayne.

Write a Short Film – I am no writer. There are probably 100+ grammar mistakes in this blog post alone. But, an area in writing I also want to improve in addition to grammar is with  story telling and pacing. Two things you can only get better at by practicing.

Work on a Personal Video Brand – I have two ideas made especially for YouTube to create a channel or brand that can grow and give my work exposure using a specific style or video type. This goal makes the least sense at the moment because I’m so unsure of what I want yet. One of the ideas has sort of started being implemented, but it is far from being ready. A vague idea of story driven music video idea I have can be seen forming a little bit in my old post HERE

But any who.. just wanted to show I’m alive, working, and ready for new challenges.

Thanks for the continual support and feedback.



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    Zach Vessels

    03 05 2016

    Thanks for reading!

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